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SanchirTech - A Creative Technology Company Located in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia.

Telecommunications, computers and the internet have all helped propel humanity forward. They have enabled us to achieve more than was technically possible in the past.

Now, we, as businesses and as individuals, are fast approaching a new era in what is technologically possible. Soon, nearly every object will be able to communicate and share information or data at near-instantaneous speeds. Human interfacing with many machines and consoles will be minimised, and issues which previously could have led to catastrophic problems will be solved before they ever have a chance to begin.

The era, of course, is the introduction of wide-scale Internet of Things (IoT) services where information is collected and shared between remote smart-devices. Connected things can signal their environment, be remotely monitored, controlled – and increasingly, make decisions and take actions based on the messages they receive.

IoT promises to bring a variety of business benefits with it, including increased efficiency across industries, safer infrastructure and reduced operational costs.



Our experienced engineers work hand-in-hand with end-user developers to achieve our mission, which is to develop and supply advanced IoT technology and services to the market.



Blockchain Consulting Services aim at providing the users with the use case analysis answering the questions Why? What? And How? Blockchain can be used to impart business to the user. This isa mere attempt to heed to the needs of the Customer.


Enterprise Software Dev

We create business software solutions to solve workflow issues that enterprises often face, including:Integration of advanced technology. apps, Business process management, Production process automation

We have IoTExpertise In following areas.

  • Designing
  • Elevation
  • Sketching
  • Strategy
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15 Years

In ioT development


System Design


We make sure Customer Satisfaction


BC Craftsmanship is an Art

Minting is a process of creating an NFT on a blockchain. It is similar to publishing a piece of art like an audio file, video file, or digital art. Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are some popular blockchains on which various NFT minting platforms are built. An NFT Token Development Services company can help creators identify the right platform for their art form.

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There are offices,. Factory is in Sansar micro dist. Most of time you can catch us at bellow address.

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